1000 Acres

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1000 Acres


1000 acres for the field, sleight of hand for the steal (I’m amazed).
You’ve got your bird upon the wire, you’ve got your song now preach it to the choir….


With every little word, I’ll say it,
Every little turn, I’ll take it now
And every little word, you’ll say it never really mattered at all.


1000 hours to reveal, the heavy mind will do just what it feels is right.
I dreamt a giant, steel and stone, stole a heart and left an empty hole in it’s place.


Everything will divide. Everything will divide. Everything will divide.

The Woodcutter and the Salesman
"Wife," said he, "I'm full. I can't eat another bite. Give me the knife." She passed him the big knife for sticking pigs, and he plunged it up to the hilt in the sack, as though running it into his own belly. Out sloshed the patias. Then he patted his stomach and really began to eat. Oh, it was a pleasure to see him dig into the pot and not work his jaws any more just for show. The salesman could hardly believe his eyes. He'd eaten so much that his stomach was bursting, and he could hardly manage any more. As far as he could see, the only way for him not to lose was to do just the same as the woodcutter had. He took the knife in turn, and gave himself such a stab in the belly that his innards flopped out in one mass. Instantly he collapsed on top of them. He never even knew what had happened. As my grandfather used to say, there'd been a hundred of those devils before, so that left just ninety-nine.

Henry Pourrat (French Folktales- Pantheon collection)