Oh Lonely Fortress!

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Oh Lonely Fortress


There’s always been a buzz, the locusts swarming up,
From underneath our guilty feet.
A giant underground, with a castle for a crown,
An ancient fast asleep


But there’s a voice in our ear, and a crack in the mirror
A passage left out of the psalm
Oh lonely fortress!


Well the word it spread through town, and the word was written down
“Just as the nightshade came from seed, we are tethered by this gravity!”


If not on the word we rely, than not on the world we rely
Oh lonely fortress!


We’ll count down the years, ‘til the earth starts to quake
The mountains will crumble, the red pine will break
As the echoes surround, and a trade wind appears
We’ll make like a ghost, we’ll make like a ghost
(hollow as a dream)
With dreams light as feathers, this life like a stone
Will sink to the bottom of our ocean alone
As my lungs fill with fire, through watery eye
I see the stars re-align.


If not on the word we rely, than not on the world we rely
Oh lonely fortress!

The Castle of Gold
There once was a village of people who lived in a giant castle of gold. One day a prophet in plush robes came to town and spoke of an angry giant asleep beneath their feet. "He wears your castle as his crown!" proselytized the man, "You must heed my warning and follow my word, or the giant shall wake from his slumber and lay waste to your prized village!"  The town grew more fearful of the sleeping beast beneath them with every passing day. One day, the earth began to tremble and the clouds grew heavy with rain. The wind blew with great force, breaking the ancient trees that lined the walls of their castle. "Surely, the giant must be waking from his slumber!" cried the townspeople. "We must die by our own hand, lest we stay and suffer the agony of watching our village crumble to ash."  The villagers, one by one, abandoned their beloved castle of gold and traveled North to the great Sea. Here, they hurled themselves over the cliff edge and into the endless depths of the tumultuous waters.